3D Cardboard Model Kit: The difference between glue type and sticker type

The main difference between a 3D cardboard model kit with glue and one with adhesive stickers lies in how you assemble the model and the materials used for attachment. You can find the details below.

Main differences:

  1. 3D Cardboard Model Kit with Glue:
    • In a kit with glue, you typically receive sheets of pre-cut cardboard pieces that you need to assemble to create the 3D model.
    • To assemble the model, you apply glue (usually provided in the kit or purchased separately) to the designated tabs or edges of the cardboard pieces. This requires precision and patience.
    • You must wait for the glue to dry before continuing with the assembly, which can take some time depending on the type of glue used.

  1. 3D Cardboard Model Kit with Adhesive Stickers:
    • In a kit with adhesive stickers, you receive pre-cut cardboard pieces just like in the glue kit.
    • Instead of using glue, you attach the cardboard pieces together by peeling off adhesive stickers or double-sided adhesive tape that is often included in the kit.
    • This method usually requires less drying time and is generally less messy than using glue. It can also be more forgiving, as you can reposition pieces if needed before pressing them together firmly.

Some considerations: 

The choice between a glue-based kit and an adhesive sticker-based kit often comes down to personal preference and the desired level of convenience. Here are some considerations:

  • Glue Kits:
    • May offer a more secure and durable bond if the glue is applied correctly.
    • Requires patience for drying and may involve waiting between assembly steps.
    • Can be messier and may require careful application to avoid excess glue.
    • PuzzleArtisan recommends children of 6+ age
  • Adhesive Sticker Kits:
    • Are generally quicker to assemble because there’s no drying time.
    • Tend to be less messy and may be more suitable for younger children. PuzzleArtisan recommends children of 5+ age.
    • May not provide as strong a bond as glue, so they might be less durable.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your preferences, the complexity of the model, and whether you value the convenience of adhesive stickers or prefer the precision and potentially stronger bond of glue for your 3D cardboard model kit.