Cute Paper Craft Ideas | 5 Framed Animal Papercrafts for Kids

DIY animal craft activities

In the market, there are several competitors, including traditional origami animals and engaging paper plate animals. Our product, the DIY framed animal craft, stands out. It combines creative crafting with decorative art, allowing you to create captivating three-dimensional animal pieces, beautifully framed for display. This unique product caters to various consumers with different crafting and artistic preferences, offering a novel way to decorate and showcase animal-themed artwork. Today PuzzleArtisan wants to share 5 popular animal crafts.

This DIY craft project includes five adorable paper animal models, each accompanied by its own DIY materials kit, all composed of iridescent paper elements and paperboard frames. These paper-made animals will be placed within exquisite frames, adding color and personality to children’s rooms. It’s not only a fun craft project but also a way to ignite children’s creativity and crafting skills.

Easy Whale Papercraft

Creating a super easy whale papercraft is a delightful and straightforward DIY craft activity for preschoolers or craft enthusiasts. This craft project involves crafting a charming whale model out of paper and placing it within a stylish frame. It’s a fun and creative way to add a touch of aquatic wonder to your home decor or to gift to someone special. With easy-to-follow instructions and a few basic supplies, you can dive into this papercraft adventure and bring the ocean into your living space.

Cute Whale Paper Craft for Kindergarden
Whale Paper Craft with frame

Easy Paper Penguin Craft Ideas

Create your adorable paper penguin with this simple and fun DIY activity! Using our basic material packages like black and white fantasy paper, instructions, double-sided tape, and a cardboard frame, you can craft a cute penguin craft in just a few easy steps. Perfect for kids and anyone looking for a simple and delightful crafting project, this paper penguin adds a touch of winter charm to your day.

DIY penguin paper craft with frame
Penguin Paper Craft with frame

Easy Paper Crow Craft

Crow Craft is a creative project designed for children, allowing them to blend their imagination with art. Kids can create unique seasonal decor by cleverly framing a paper crow on a custom background. This fun activity not only enhances their crafting skills but also lets them unleash their creativity in decorating. It’s a fantastic crow craft idea that ignites kids’ artistic passion, providing them with both fun and a sense of accomplishment.

DIY framed crow paper craft
Crow Paper Craft with frame

Simple Paper Fox Craft Preschool

In addition to the popular Fox Paper Plate craft, our Framed Paper Fox Craft is equally garnering attention and adoration. This more challenging craft project caters to older children and adults, offering more craftsmanship and artistic expression.

DIY fox paper craft with frame
Fox Paper Craft with frame

Paper Deer Craft Ideas

DIY Deer Papercraft is not only an interesting handicraft project but also has educational and decorative effects, helping to promote creativity and the development of handicraft skills.


Explore the realm of adorable paper craft ideas with our collection of 5 framed animal papercrafts designed especially for kids. These charming creations combine the magic of paper with the art of decoration, offering children a creatively enriching craft project. Each artwork is a unique and delightful decor piece while also serving as an ideal way to nurture children’s creativity and crafting skills.