23 types of 3d paper animal puzzles for kids and adults

Made from high-quality paper materials, our 3D paper animal puzzles are eco-friendly and sustainable. From young children to seasoned adults, everyone can enjoy the thrill of completing a 3D paper puzzle. Our CUPUZ 3D paper puzzles are divided into two packaging forms based on the number and size of puzzle elements: color box packaging and cardboard packaging. Today I’m going to introduce some laser-cut animal jigsaw puzzles suitable for 7+ages, hoping you can find one you like.


1. 3D penguin family cardboard puzzle 

This 3D Penguin Family DIY paper puzzle is packaged in a color box, and the finished puzzle is three cute little penguins. It is made of laser-cut cardboard puzzles, which are both sturdy and upscale. Each penguin is dominated by clear blue and pure white, making it feel like being in an Arctic world covered in ice and snow. For those who love penguins, this is definitely a treasure that cannot be missed! It is not only a fun 3D puzzle game, but also an excellent and exquisite collectible and ornament.

Stem Toys DIY 3D Puzzle Kit - Penguin Family (4)

Stem Toys DIY 3D Puzzle Kit - Penguin Family (4)

2. 3D Koala jigsaw puzzle 

This 3D koala puzzle is presented in backer card packaging, and the finished product is a cute koala sitting on a tree branch with a bracelet holding a branch. Its charming and silly expression makes it an excellent gift for kids and adults. Whether as a beloved gift or a personal collection, this puzzle can bring endless fun and surprises.

3D Koala cardboard puzzle

3. 3D laser cut tiger puzzle 

Welcome to explore our new product: a 3D laser-cutting tiger puzzle! This puzzle is presented in backer card packaging, containing puzzle elements and instructions, providing you with a convenient puzzle experience. Our 3D tiger jigsaw puzzle can be easily and securely assembled without the need for glue. Each puzzle piece has undergone precise laser carving, with lifelike details, making you feel like you are in a jungle full of tigers and tigers. The edges of the puzzle are smooth, so you don’t have to worry about getting injured, allowing you to fully enjoy the fun of the paper puzzle.

3D tiger cardboard puzzle

4. DIY 3D jigsaw puzzle cat 

The DIY 3D laser-cut cat puzzle is packaged in backer card and features an elegant black cat sitting on the ground. Each puzzle element is precision laser cut and can be easily assembled without the need for glue. The thickness of the puzzle is 0.8-1 millimeters, ensuring its firmness and reliability.

cat sitting paper puzzle

5. CUPUZ mammoth 3D paper puzzle 

Introducing our CUPUZ Mammoth 3D Paper Puzzle – a captivating journey into the ancient world! This remarkable puzzle is crafted from high-quality paper material, meticulously laser-cut to precision. Inside the packaging, you’ll find all the puzzle pieces needed to bring this majestic creature to life.

As you assemble each piece, you’ll be transported back in time to the era of mammoths, when these colossal beasts roamed the earth.Mammoth Paper Puzzle

6. 3D Cardboard dog puzzle | German Shepherd

With smooth edges and sturdy construction, the 3D Paper Dog Puzzle guarantees a seamless assembly process without the need for glue. It’s the perfect activity for solo relaxation or quality bonding time with family and friends.

As you piece together each component, you’ll witness the lifelike features and noble stature of this beloved breed come to life before your eyes. Whether you’re a German Shepherd enthusiast or simply appreciate the artistry of paper puzzles, this creation promises hours of entertainment and satisfaction.
German Shepherd Paper Puzzle

7. Squirrel 3D cardboard puzzle 

This 3D squirrel cardboard puzzle is packaged in exquisite cardboard, containing all the puzzle elements and assembly steps. The finished product is a cute squirrel holding a pine nut and nibbling on it. This scene is vivid and realistic, making people feel as if they are immersed in nature.3D Squirrel Paper Puzzle

8. Laser cutting European Fox 3D jigsaw puzzle 

This European Fox 3D cardboard puzzle is not only a fun handicraft activity, but also an excellent gift or collectible. Once the 3D puzzle is completed, you will see a lively and lively European fox running on the green grass. Place it on your desk or bookshelf to add a natural charm to your home environment.European Fox 3D paper puzzle

9. 3D panda model puzzle kit 

Start an exciting adventure with our 3D panda paper model puzzle! This puzzle pack is made of special cardboard with a thickness ranging from 0.8 millimeters to 1 millimeter and includes 60 carefully designed puzzles. Suitable for children aged 7 and above, assembling this puzzle has both entertainment and educational value. This is perfect for enjoying alone or as a family activity, as it promises hours of fun and creativity.

Self-Assembling DIY Panda Craft Set for Boy Girls Adult3D panda cardboard model packging

10. 3D Kangaroo paper model puzzle 

Each puzzle piece adopts precise laser cutting technology to ensure the quality and details of the puzzle. 51 pieces of puzzle make up a lifelike brown kangaroo, taking you on an exploration of the natural scenery of the Australian continent.

3D Kangaroo Animal Craft Kit

11. 3D dog model puzzle set – Husky

For Husky enthusiasts, this 3D cardboard laser-cut Husky puzzle is definitely the first choice! Whether you are a dog enthusiast or a puzzle enthusiast, this puzzle can meet your needs. Composed of 32 intricate puzzle pieces, each piece undergoes precise laser cutting, showcasing Husky’s unique demeanor and lively characteristics. No glue is required, and the assembly process is easy and enjoyable, suitable for players of all ages. Put your hobbies and passion into this Husky Puzzle, create your own unique artwork, and let your beloved dog accompany you in your daily life!

Dog Puzzle DIY Papercraft Kits for Adults & Students (Husky)

12. DIY horse paper jigsaw puzzle 

This 3D horse puzzle DIY is an exquisite toy made of environmentally friendly special cardboard material. Through laser cutting technology, each puzzle is finely and accurately cut. Children can easily create a lifelike brown horse model by assembling these puzzles. As an educational and children’s toy, this puzzle incorporates elements of STEM Puzzles.

Paper puzzle 3D horse

DIY educational toy 3D scene horse model paper puzzle

13. DIY 3D Elephant papercraft  

With its detailed design and realistic appearance, this 3D paper puzzle serves as a wonderful addition to any collection and a delightful decoration for homes or classrooms. Whether you’re a puzzle enthusiast, an animal lover, or simply seeking a fun and rewarding activity, the Elephant 3D Paper Puzzle is sure to impress.

Elephant model DIY intelligent toy 3d puzzle paper for kids

14. Handmade 3D turtle cardboard puzzle 

Ideal for display or as a thoughtful gift, the finished turtle model adds a touch of marine elegance to any space. Dive into the tranquil world of turtles and let your creativity flourish with our Turtle 3D Cardboard Puzzle!

Children DIY 3D puzzles turtle model handmade paper craft stem toy play set

15. 3D cardboard bird model puzzle 

Exploring the magical world of the bird kingdom, we are proud to have launched a series of exquisite 3D bird cardboard puzzles, including the Scarlet Macaw Puzzle, Hornbill Puzzle, and Eagle Puzzle.
Each bird puzzle is made of high-quality special cardboard and undergoes precise laser cutting to ensure the quality and accuracy of each puzzle piece. From the vibrant feathers of the Scarlet Macaw to the unique beak shape of the Hornbill and the majestic posture of the Eagle, each bird showcases realistic details and vivid colors.

16. CUPUZ 3D art of paper dinosaur puzzle

Welcome to the Jurassic Period, the age of dinosaurs! Meet with Rex, Stegosaurus, and Brachiosaurus. The volcano is erupting in the distance. By the lake and trees, three lovely Dinosaurs are wandering around and roaring. Need to assemble and install the puzzle pieces to a 3D model.

This 3D cardboard dinosaur model puzzle features a lot of details with different colors, shapes, and sizes, which is great for helping kids develop creativity and dexterity. Once assembled, it can serve as a beautiful decorative set.


Our Cupuz 3D paper animal puzzles are a fantastic source of entertainment, education, and family fun. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, these puzzles offer endless opportunities for creativity, learning, and bonding. So why wait? Dive into the world of 3D cardboard puzzles today and let the adventure begin!