3D CARDBOARD MODEL KIT WITH GLUE: Introducing our Kids’ 3D Cardboard Model Kit with Glue – a world of creativity and fun tailored just for kids! You’ll find a treasure trove of pre-cut cardboard pieces that easily fit together, making it a perfect project for little hands. And, to make the crafting experience even more enjoyable, we’ve included safe and non-toxic glue that’s easy for kids to use, ensuring their creations come to life with ease.

– In a kit with glue, you typically receive sheets of pre-cut cardboard pieces that you need to assemble to create the 3D model.
– To assemble the model, you apply glue to the designated tabs or edges of the cardboard pieces. This requires precision and patience.
– You must wait for the glue to dry before continuing with the assembly, which can take some time depending on the type of glue used.

3D Cardboard Model with Glue