3D CARDBOARD MODEL KIT WITH ADHESIVE STICKER: This innovative 3D Cardboard Model Kit provides an exciting hands-on experience as you assemble intricate 3D models from sturdy, eco-friendly cardboard pieces. Each kit comes with a variety of pre-cut pieces that easily slot together, eliminating the need for glue or scissors. This educational and entertaining kit is not only a fantastic activity for children of 5+ age but also a great bonding experience for families.

– In a kit with adhesive stickers, you receive pre-cut cardboard pieces just like in the glue kit.
– Instead of using glue, you attach the cardboard pieces together by peeling off adhesive stickers or double-sided adhesive tape that is often included in the kit.
– This method usually requires less drying time and is generally less messy than using glue. It can also be more forgiving, as you can reposition pieces if needed before pressing them together firmly.

3D Cardboard Model with Adhesive Stickers

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